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We will look for every deduction you are allowed under current tax laws. We are registered preparers with the IRS and stay current with changing tax laws with continuing education. We understand that preparing your own federal income tax return can be a very complicated and confusing process. At W2 Experts, you will feel comfortable knowing that we offer the maximun tax refund allowed by the Internal Revenue Service. We are driven by excellence and committed to providing you with up to date tax knowledge to achieve your financial goals.


Our company guarantees that we will pay any penalties and interest if any error occurred due to our preparation. If your return is audited, we will go with you to IRS assisting you during the audit. We can handle any IRS problem no matter how big. If you receive IRS letter, we will aggressively help you deal with the IRS because you may not owe the amount charged.


Your privacy is very important to us. Information you share with your preparer remains strictly confidential. Only with your written consent, will we furnish your tax information to a third party. All client information is maintained in a secure location and accessible only by our trusted staff.

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